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ONC: More patients are downloading their medical records and using portals

Healthcare It News

Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT found an increase in patient portal access and online medical record download rates over the past few years. About a third of patient portal users downloaded their online medical record in 2020, nearly double the proportion of 2017.

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Flo, MyFitnessPal and BetterMe most downloaded wellness apps – study

Digital Health News

Flo Period Tracker, MyFitnessPal and BetterMe were the three most downloaded wellness apps in April 2023, according to a study from Tipalti.


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Healthcare Industry Most Commonly Attacked with Downloaders and Ransomware

HIPAA Journal

Throughout the reporting period, downloaders were among the most commonly observed threats. Downloaders are malicious software that often masquerade as legitimate digital documents and executables and are used to download a range of other malicious software. The ZIP files contain an executable file that delivers QakBot.

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21 CFR Part 314 Checklist (with XLS Download)

Dot Compliance

You’ll also find a free download for a 21 CFR Part 314 Checklist to help you stay on course while navigating your way through all of the necessary steps for approval. Download your FREE 21 CFR Part 314 Checklist. The post 21 CFR Part 314 Checklist (with XLS Download) appeared first on Dot Compliance.

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A Guide to Improved Sepsis Detection & Compliance: 6 Areas You Should Address

Download to learn more! This guide highlights key areas that your sepsis detection platform should address to minimize the impact of this leading, entirely preventable cause of in-hospital deaths, as well as how to increase compliance by 20% in 30 days.

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ISO 17025 Checklist (with XLS Download)

Dot Compliance

We’re also providing a free downloadable checklist to help you prepare for the ISO 17025 accreditation process. Download your FREE ISO 17025 Checklist . Download Now. The post ISO 17025 Checklist (with XLS Download) appeared first on Dot Compliance. What is ISO 17025?

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Download MPA's Free HIPAA Resource Guide!

Health Care Performance

Download now! How to Conduct a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Physical Safeguards. Technical Safeguards. Administrative Safeguards. Breach Notification. MPA Can Help. About Margaret. About Scott.

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Top 3 Data Privacy Challenges for Contract Compliance in 2022

Download this whitepaper to learn: Which new and emerging data privacy regulations might have the biggest impact on your contracts. The data privacy regulatory landscape is quickly becoming hyper-fragmented with dozens of new, updated, or proposed laws. Contract intelligence can help.