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Our “Preconceived” Notions of HIPAA

Bill of Health

The film Preconceived , premiering at SXSW this week, shines a bright light on anti-abortion “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPCs), including their disturbing take on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA takes center stage near the end of the film. Is Stanton a HIPAA-covered entity?

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HIPAA Compliance for Email

HIPAA Journal

Standards relevant to HIPAA compliance for email appear throughout the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Regulations – from the applicability and preemption standards of Part 160 (the General Requirements) to the privacy, security, and breach notification standards of Part 164.


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OCR fines 11 healthcare orgs for HIPAA right of access cases

Healthcare It News

The HHS Office for Civil Rights on Friday said it has settled nearly a dozen investigations of allegations of HIPAA Right of Access Initiative violations. The practice agreed to take corrective actions and paid $22,500 to settle a potential violation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule right of access standard. WHY IT MATTERS.

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Unlocking Healthcare’s Mobile Future: HIPAA-Compliant BYOD

Healthcare IT Today

That’s why we were particularly interested in this session at HIMSS 2024 that looked at how to create a HIPAA-Compliant BYOD program which balanced the security needs of a healthcare organization while still meeting the workflow needs of their users. Million in HIPAA fines. Plus, healthcare has up to $1.5

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The 2023 Behavioral Health Industry Report

Topics covered include quantitative statistics describing the overall increase in behavioral health issues, the impact of psychologist and staff burnout, how HIPAA compliance is once again at the top of our minds & much more! This report explores current issues in the behavioral health industry in 2023.

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Developing Secure HIPAA Compliant Healthtech Software

HealthIT Answers

By Harikrishna Kundariya - The process of HIPAA-compliant software development is complicated and requires the implementation of efficient design, solid security policies, and a consistent focus on data protection. The post Developing Secure HIPAA Compliant Healthtech Software appeared first on Health IT Answers.

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Going beyond HIPAA compliance is worthwhile

Healthcare Dive

Just because HIPAA doesn't require the use of data governance technology doesn't mean you can do without it.

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HIPAA: Why It Matters to Your Practice

85% of practices are not complying with the government’s HIPAA standards. Not complying with HIPAA has definite drawbacks, with one major one being massive fines. million dollars for a single HIPAA breach incident - an amount that would put most small practices out of business. The government can fine up to 1.5

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HIPAA Compliance: Can Your Organization Avoid Costly Government Penalties and Fines?

Colington Consulting was established in 2013 and helps organizations achieve HIPAA compliance and ensures clients stay current with the latest enforcement trends. We provide a full range of HIPAA compliance services and consulting.

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HIPAA Compliance Checklist for Mental Health Agencies

Use this printable checklist to ensure your systems are buttoned up to avoid breaches, HIPAA violations, and other privacy and safety infractions. Keeping up with compliance can be intimidating, but this checklist can help make your job a little easier!