'Phantom' provider lists limit Medicaid mental health care access, study finds

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The Health Affairs research showed that inaccurate provider directories may create a barrier to treatment for a population that needs it most

Gas ‘N Healthcare – How Transportation Links to Health Care Access and Financial Health

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Some patients dealing with cancer at Mercy Health’s Lourdes Hospital have been supplied with gas cards. Here’s the Hospital’s Facebook page featuring their gratitude to FiveStar Food Mart, the American Cancer Society, and the Mercy Health Foundation.


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Health Care Access on the Line — Audio-Only Visits and Digitally Inclusive Care


Action is needed to ensure that the digital health revolution helps bring about a more equitable care delivery system. Audio-only visits could be a stepping stone to digitally inclusive health care

Preserving Access to Telehealth: Today’s Policy Agenda of the American Telemedicine Association

Healthcare IT Today

In March of 2020, the world suddenly started using telehealth. After decades of dragging their feet, providers implemented video visits and messaging applications overnight, and the public responded enthusiastically.

New CHIR Case Study Report Examines Policies to Expand Primary Care Access in Rural New Mexico

Center for Health Insurance Reform

In a new report published in collaboration with the Milbank Memorial Fund, CHIR researchers examined policy interventions to expand primary care access in rural Grant County, New Mexico. CHIR health care access primary care rural health

Digital Tech Holds Great Promise for Expanding Patient Access, Health System Leaders Say

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Among all of the challenges health care providers will face in 2023, digital health tools could have the greatest potential to improve patient access, according to the issues most Top of Mind for Top Health Systems 2023 from UPMC.

Virtual Care and Mental Health Top of Mind for Employers’ Workplaces in 2023

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The concept that all companies are “health care companies” takes on greater import in the wake of the pandemic. This is our annual go-to study guiding us on the private sector’s big thinking about health care plans and investments on workers’ behalf.

A Novel Approach to Crisis Standards of Care

Bill of Health

The provision of scarce resources such as intensive care unit (ICU) beds, antivirals, and ventilators during this pandemic has been an ongoing topic of discussion. Even the best laid plans cannot guarantee an equitable division of health care resources. By Stephen Wood.

Prison Health Care is Broken Under the Medicaid Inmate Exclusion Policy

Bill of Health

Incarcerated individuals need health care, but punitive policies make securing access to care particularly difficult among this population, which numbers about 2.1 Gamble (1976), affirmed that incarcerated individuals have the constitutional right to health care.

Health Care Planning for 2022 – Start with a Pandemic, Then Pivot to Health and Happiness

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I frequently use this book when conducting futures and scenario planning sessions with clients in health/care. He decides, as the text quotes him, “to start to be twice as careful and be twice as smart… aiming my eyeballs in different directions.”

The New Search for Reproductive Justice in Old Laws

Bill of Health

In the post- Dobbs fight to safeguard reproductive healthcare, a new spotlight has been placed on two existing federal laws: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). . By Katie Gu.

Health Care Costs Are a Driver of Health Across All of America – Especially for Women

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Three in four people in America grade health care costs a #fail, at grade “D” or lower. First, to the Gallup/West Health findings: here’s the top-line report card in the first chart from the study, which was conducted among over 5,500 U.S.

Grow Therapy Partners with Aetna to Take its Mental Health Care Services Nationwide

HIT Consultant

What You Should Know: – Today Grow Therapy , a leader in helping create life-changing therapeutic connections between therapists and clients, today announced that its mental health care services are now available as an in-network benefit to all members of Aetna, CVS Health company.

Massachusetts governor signs law safeguarding telehealth coverage

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Charlie Baker signed into law a wide-ranging bill that includes expanding access to telehealth after the COVID-19 public health emergency abates. "The legislation addresses several key factors in making healthcare more accessible and medical bills less surprising,” said Rep.

American Hospital Association, Johns Hopkins and others launch pro-telehealth campaign

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

A group of 16 provider and industry organizations this past week launched a campaign geared toward protecting and expanding access to telehealth. This most recent effort has brought together a wide range of healthcare representatives, including: Adventist Health Policy Association.

What John Mackey of Whole Foods Said at the 2022 HIMSS Conference – and Why This is Important for the Whole Health Ecosystem

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Mackey said in support of his long-held belief that food is the”best solution” to address Americans’ health. As for health care? Health Populi’s Hot Points: John Mackey has held this view on food for a long time.

Living La Vida Hybrid, for Work, Shopping, Entertainment and Healthcare – Emerging from the Pandemic

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For medical care, 62% of those still worried about the coronavirus in May 2022 believed that services delivered through telehealth would be a good thing to continue beyond the pandemic era. This is certainly the evolving scenario for health care.

Biden administration invests nearly $11M toward pediatric telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Department of Health and Human Services announced on Friday it was awarding $10.7 million from the American Rescue Plan to integrate telehealth services into pediatric care. The funding is aimed at expanding behavioral healthcare access for children. The U.S.

Financial Health Is On Americans’ Minds Just Weeks Before the 2020 Elections

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Financial health is part of peoples’ overall health. Nearly 8 million workers losing jobs also losing their employer-sponsored health insurance, discussed in this research from The Commonwealth Fund. Health Populi’s Hot Points: The patient in the U.S.

ACA 118

CVS Finds Differences in Mental and Behavioral Health Among Men Vs. Women in the Pandemic

Health Populi

As the COVID-19 pandemic shifts to a more endemic phase — becoming part of peoples’ everyday life for months to come — impacts on peoples’ mental health will persist, according to new research from CVS Health in the company’s annual Health Care Insights Study.

CVS Health, Uber Health Collaborate to Advance Health Equity in Communities Nationwide

HIT Consultant

What You Should Know: – CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) announced a collaboration with Uber Health , Uber’s healthcare arm, to provide free transportation through a new Health Zones initiative to people who need it most when seeking access to medical care, work, or educational programs.

Telemedicine Still Up For Discussion In Florida Legislative Sessions

The Health Law Firm

With all the new technologies, mobile medical applications, expansion of health care access under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the emphasis on quality of care, telemedicine is at the forefront of the health care industry. Many major health insurance carriers are backing telehealth, adding online doctor visits as a covered benefit. Telemedicine continues to be a heated issue during the 2015 Legislative session.

ACA 40

Disabilities and Accessibility in Health IT: The Need Is Constant – Part 1

Healthcare IT Today

Of all industries, health care above all should provide accessible web sites to support people with disabilities or special needs. I heard a story from Rafael Glantz, Partnership Success Manager at accessiBe , which offers tools for making web sites more accessible.

ADA 83

Dollar General, the Latest Retail Health Destination?

Health Populi

” I asked and answered in my book HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen. With that announcement, America’s largest dollar-store chain makes clear its ambitions to join a growing cohort of retail health destinations alongside CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

And the Oscar Goes To….Power to the Patients!

Health Populi

Health care has increased its role in popular culture over the years. When I say “Oscar” here on the Health Populi blog, you’re conjuring up an image of the health plan insurance innovator founded in 2012.

Health Consumers, Health Citizens, and Wearable Tech – My Chat with João Bocas

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The most effective, engaging, and enchanting digital health innovations speak to patients beyond their role as health consumers and caregivers: digital health is at its best when it addresses peoples’ health citizenship.

Health Plan Invests $100M to Introduce Real-Time Claims Payments for Providers

HIT Consultant

What You Should Know: – CalOptima will be the first health plan to introduce ‘real-time claims payments’ permanently for providers as part of this historic $100+ million investment in the safety net in Southern California. .

Americans Lost Future Life-Years in 2020: How Much Life Was Lost Depends on the Color of One’s Skin

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years, according to data shared by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For insights into that trend of growing male mortality, search for my posts on the Deaths of Despair here on Health Populi).

How to Automate the Patient-Provider Working Relationship

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Stephen Dean, Healthcare CRM Expert and Co-Founder of Keona Health. Today’s patients want seamless, holistic, and reliable health care access, self-service, and communication.

Americans Grew Digital Health-Data Muscles in the Pandemic – New Insights from the Pew Charitable Trusts

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“Most Americans clearly recognize the potential benefits that improved health IT can offer, and they want this transformation of the health care system to continue,” the Pew Charitable Trusts research concludes in Most Americans Want to Share and Access More Digital Health Data.

Getting More Personal, Virtual and Excellent – the 2020 NBGH Employer Report

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In 2020, large employers will be “doubling down” efforts to control health care costs. Key strategies will include deploying more telehealth and virtual health care services, Centers of Excellence for high-cost conditions, and getting more personal in communicating and engaging through platforms. Here are some details about these strategies, which I foresee will impact employees’ health care service flows in 2020.

A Post Roe World: California’s response to Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

Healthcare Law Today

Jackson Women’s Health , California has taken significant steps to ensure continued ability to access abortion care in the state, and making additional funds available to providers delivering reproductive health care services.

Health Disparities in America: JAMA Talks Structural Racism in U.S. Health Care

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“Racial and ethnic inequities in the US health care system have been unremitting since the beginning of the country. The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many aspects of American health care for so many people, including doctors. health care.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Healthcare in America – the Change Healthcare/Harris Poll

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The phrase, “burden of health care,” has two usual meanings: one, to do with the massive chronic care burden, and the other, involving costs. ” That burdensome patient experience leads to one in two people in America avoiding seeking care, the poll found.

Listen Up, Healthcare: Hear The Patient’s Voice!

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One patient could talk with another over their proverbial neighborhood fence, a concerned parent at the PTA meeting with others dealing with a children’s health issue, or a recovering alcoholic testifying in person at an AA session. WEGO Health’s new report on the state of patient social networks found that patients are indeed socially-sharing personal health information with each other — but getting savvier about it with respect to managing privacy.

Chronic Medical Conditions, Mental Health, and Equity On Employers’ Minds for 2022 – Employee Health in the Wake of COVID-19

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receive health insurance through employers. With that objective, it’s always instructive to explore the annual study from the Business Group on Health, the 2022 Large Employers’ Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey. One in two people in the U.S.

Redefining PPE As Primary Care, Public Health, and Health Equity – The Community PPE Index

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” Perhaps Definition 3 in the OED could be updated by a blog published online in the September 25, 2020, issue of Health Affairs, A New “PPE” For A Thriving Community: Public Health, Primary Care, Health Equity. Primary care in the U.S.

Stress in America, Like COVID-19, Impacts All Americans

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“We are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come,” APA introduces their latest read into stressed-out America. Voting, too, is part of being a solid health citizen. .

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA Journal

HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed by Congress in 1996, the establishment of federal standards for safeguarding PHI was not one of the primary objectives. What is HIPAA?


Social Determinants of Health – My Early Childhood Education and Recent Learnings, Shared at the HealthXL Global Gathering

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This was my early education in the social determinants of health (SDoH), which I will relate today in a talk at the HealthXL Global Gathering hosted in Lake Nona, FL, at GuideWell Health’s Innovation CoRE. I’ll be joined on a panel brainstorming social innovation for health by Charles Nader, Co-Founder/CEO at Doc.com, Carlos Rodarte of Health Catalyst, and Naveen Rao of Patchwise Labs.

The Cost to Cover Health Insurance for a Family in America Is $22,221

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and post-pandemic job growth in 2021, the cost of health insurance premiums rose faster than either the price of goods or wages. This 2021 update takes into account the impacts and influence of COVID-19 on workers’ wellness, access to services, and of course, the cost of health plans.

Growing Support for Medicare for All – But Do People Really Understand What It Means?

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These two surveys are: The Morning Consult’s poll published today finding growing support among Democratic voters for Medicare for All as the centerpiece for health reform in America; and, A recent study from Eligibility.com on “Medicare Myths Explained,” with the tagline, “How much do you know about Medicare?” ACA Health benefits Health Consumers Health costs Health policy Health politics Health reform Medicare

50 Days Before the U.S. Elections, Voters Say Health Care Costs and Access Top Their Health Concerns — More than COVID-19

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health care in terms of exposure to COVID-19 and subsequent outcomes, with access to medical care and mortality rates negatively impacting people of color to a greater extent than White Americans. Health Populi’s Hot Points: In the U.S.,