Buyer's Guide: Evaluating and Selecting the Best CLM Solution for Your Organization


Evaluating and selecting the right contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform can be complicated. However, by getting the right people involved, prioritizing your business needs, and testing your technology options, you can make it easier.

Forrester Wave™ Contract Lifecycle Management for 2023


In The Forrester Wave™ Contract Lifecycle Management, Q3 2023, Evisort has debuted as a Strong Performer.

Your HIPAA Compliance Checklist: Easily Find Out Your HIPAA Requirements

Compliancy Group

This checklist is your best free resource for assessing your current HIPAA compliance status. Including all of the components of an effective compliance program, you’ll be sure you’re not missing a single piece of compliance. HIPAA is a complex law - protect your organization from financial and legal ramifications by ensuring your compliance program has all of the proper elements in place.

Buyer's Guide: Evaluating and Selecting the Best CLM Solution for Your Organization


Evaluating and selecting the right contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform can be complicated. However, by getting the right people involved, prioritizing your business needs, and testing your technology options, you can make it easier.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist for Mental Health Agencies

Keeping up with compliance can be intimidating, but this checklist can help make your job a little easier! Use this printable checklist to ensure your systems are buttoned up to avoid breaches, HIPAA violations, and other privacy and safety infractions.

2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Contract Life Cycle Management Report


A Visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Contract Life Cycle Management. Gartner, a company that delivers actionable, objective insight to executive and their teams, has positioned Evisort in the Visionaries Quadrant of the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Life Cycle Management. Read the report to learn why Evisort is a Visionary provider in the market.

Top 3 Data Privacy Challenges for Contract Compliance in 2022


The data privacy regulatory landscape is quickly becoming hyper-fragmented with dozens of new, updated, or proposed laws. Outdated compliance practices expose businesses to legal landmines that damage reputations and cost millions of dollars. Contract intelligence can help. Download this whitepaper to learn: Which new and emerging data privacy regulations might have the biggest impact on your contracts.

10 Zen Ways to Manage Cash Flows with Contract Intelligence


When you have instant access to your contract data, making strategic decisions in tough times (and good times) becomes much easier. Cash flow management especially can be a top priority for finance, procurement, and other business leaders. In this guide, you will learn 10 key ways to get a better handle on cash flows using your own contract data, including: Getting ahead of auto renewals to renegotiate proactively.

6 Best Practices to Maximize Value from Vendor Contracts


Supply chain disruption is having a major impact on many businesses’ bottom lines. Shipping delays, limited production, diminishing supply, and inflation are having major impacts on goods and services worldwide. With uncertainty on the rise and margins and operating budgets stretched thin, there are a range of obstacles threatening to sap value from deals with vendors.

Level up Culture & EQ | Sign up for the #CultureDrop


Once a week, culture & leadership expert Galen Emanuele gives free, actionable EQ training in 5 minutes or less. Subscribe to the #CultureDrop and access free resources & content.

A Guide to Virtual Care Technology: 5 Steps to Creating Your Continuum of Care

This guide addresses the increased demand for and benefits of expanding your virtual care options to help retain patients, cut down on hospital readmissions, and expand revenue opportunities. 5 steps to create your complete care continuum. 5 ways a virtual care platform improves ROI.

Download Your FREE HIPAA Checklist Now!

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Confirm your healthcare compliance with our easy-to-use HIPAA checklist. Safeguard data, avoid penalties, and streamline security best practices effortlessly. As you know, HIPAA has many requirements, and just missing one could lead to devastating consequences for your organization. Don't miss out— get your free and instant download now!

Ensure Continuous Patient Care: How to Avoid Disruptions Due to Ransomware

The industry has seen an increasing pace of ransomware, zero-day, and remote-code execution attacks. Learn how to defend against these against these attacks in this eBook.

Generative AI for Contracts Is Here: New Tools to Accelerate Drafting and Editing


The emergence of generative AI is reshaping the landscape of contract management, enabling businesses to generate and negotiate legal agreements with greater ease and speed. In this on-demand webinar, Hal Marcus, VP of Product Marketing at Evisort discusses how Evisort's generative AI transforms contract creation and negotiation, empowering legal teams to streamline processes while reducing risk.

Best Practices for Sharing Protected Health Information (PHI)


In this ebook, you will learn about the 18 PHI indicators, the legal requirements and penalties surrounding PHI, and how your healthcare teams should securely exchange this data. Key takeaways from this ebook: Gain confidence in identifying PHI. Acquire practical implementation strategies for exchanging PHI within your organization. Emphasize the importance of using compliant communication tools within healthcare teams.

HIPAA: Why It Matters to Your Practice


85% of practices are not complying with the government’s HIPAA standards. The large majority of practices are likely trying to protect patients’ information, but they may not be doing all that they need to meet government requirements. Not complying with HIPAA has definite drawbacks, with one major one being massive fines. The government can fine up to 1.5 million dollars for a single HIPAA breach incident - an amount that would put most small practices out of business.

The 2023 Behavioral Health Industry Report

This report explores current issues in the behavioral health industry in 2023. Topics covered include quantitative statistics describing the overall increase in behavioral health issues, the impact of psychologist and staff burnout, how HIPAA compliance is once again at the top of our minds & much more!

Streamlined Compliance Facilitates Growth for Multi-Specialty ASC


Discover how MedTrainer solved an unmet need for SurgCenter of Western Maryland, reducing the time and effort it took to monitor and remind staff about crucial annual training. Learn how this intuitive platform helped increase training completion and save staff time, leading to increased efficiency, fewer human errors, and greater overall satisfaction.

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