State Regulation Compliance Tips For Telehealth Employers

Healthcare Law Today

Those challenges can be particularly vexing in the highly regulated telehealth industry. And the patchwork of state laws regarding classification makes compliance even more of a headache for telehealth employers. Another Hot Ongoing Compliance Issue: Expense Reimbursement.

Medical Billing Services -Maximize Profitability at Reduced Costs

Medisys Compliance

Our dedication to regulation compliance and top-notch customer service is unmatched in the sector. According to a recent study, in-house teams who perform medical billing need an average of 53.5 hours of training, which costs $3000.


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Sharps Safety: Keeping Your Staff Safe During the Pandemic and Flu Season


That has understandably made healthcare compliance education and other vital initiatives a lower priority. However, with vaccines providing a light at the end of the tunnel, administrators must take time to catch up on compliance issues, such as sharps safety, in their facilities if they want to avoid severe fines. Sharps safety compliance is critical, given that vaccines for COVID-19 and the flu will help pave the way to a safer future.

Healthcare Marketing & HIPAA: Are You Following the Law?

Compliancy Group

Marketing is essential to growing any business successfully, but when you work in regulated spaces such as healthcare, there are compliance considerations. A large part of HIPAA regulates what is appropriate for the use or disclosure of patient information.


HIPAA Compliance Helps Prevent Small Practice Cybercrime

Compliancy Group

But the best tool to prevent small practice cybercrime can be as basic as having a truly effective HIPAA compliance strategy. For HIPAA compliance to help prevent small practice cybercrime, it must address the particulars of your practice.