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Conclusion to the Symposium: From Principles to Practice: Human Rights and Public Health Emergencies

Bill of Health

In doing so, we encouraged contributors to comment on the Principles’ potential usefulness as guidance in addressing real emergency situations, as well as any possible gaps and weaknesses. They also were intended to be of application to a wide range of emergencies, not public health emergencies specifically.

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This Week’s Health IT Jobs – June 12, 2024

Healthcare IT Today

Let us take that stress away by finding a mix of great health IT jobs for you! We hope you enjoy this look at some of the health IT jobs we saw healthcare organizations trying to fill this week. Do you have an open health IT position that you are looking to fill?


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Deadline to Report 2023 Small Breaches to Health and Human Services (HHS)


Here are a few examples from the HHS website: A municipal social service agency disclosed PHI while processing Medicaid applications. A mental health center did not provide a Notice of Privacy Practices to a father or his minor daughter, a patient at the center. Either way, you must log every breach as it happens.

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Vendor notebook: New AI partnerships with Dell, Google enhance workflows and communications

Healthcare It News

Northwestern Medicine, the Nevada Health Link, Cohere Health and Kyruus Health are partnering withDell Technologies, Google Cloud Marketplace and others to offer providers and payers ways to tackle the daily challenges that delay care approvals and prevent patients from seeking care and enrolling in health plans.

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Corporate Integrity Agreements: What Are the Health Provider's Obligations?

The Health Law Firm

For corporate health care providers involved in a civil health care fraud or abuse investigation, the corporation may be required to enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Inspector General (OIG) to settle the case.

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Ethics for AI in Health – A View From The World Health Organization

Jane Sarashon

For health care, AI can benefit diagnosis and clinical care, address paperwork and bureaucratic duplication and waste, accelerate scientific research, and personalize health care direct-to-patients and -caregivers.

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Seven Opportunities to Use the Law to Address Drug Policing

Bill of Health

The third report in the six-part series, which is focused on drug policing explains, “The primary W-G task that lies ahead for both federal and state governments is to recognize what the evidence has been telling us, that the ‘war on drugs’ is a failure, and escalation will only double-down on that failure.