Health Disparities in America: JAMA Talks Structural Racism in U.S. Health Care

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“Racial and ethnic inequities in the US health care system have been unremitting since the beginning of the country. The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many aspects of American health care for so many people, including doctors. health care.

Women’s Health Links to Financial Health: International Women’s Day 2020 in Health Context

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This translates into lower socioeconomic status for women, which diminishes overall health and well-being for women in America. Health is wealth and wealth, health, for people living in the U.S. March 8 is International Women’s Day. In the U.S.,

Value-Based Programs: CMS Redesigns Global and Professional Direct Contracting Model and Renames it “ACO REACH”

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“REACH” stands for Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health.) Notable changes include: Advance Health Equity. The ACO REACH Model addresses health equity and focuses on bringing value-based care to Medicare beneficiaries in underserved communities.