HHS cybersecurity center warns of new ransomware threat

Healthcare Dive

The ransomware has attacked targets worldwide, including at least one U.S. health group, since it was first identified in mid-August

CommonSpirit says ransomware attack exposed patient information

Healthcare Dive

The cyberattack has interrupted access to electronic health records and delayed patient care in multiple regions


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States Consider Blocking Ransomware Payments

Healthcare IT Today

Over the past several years, ransomware attacks have become a steadily more virulent threat to healthcare organizations. The latest wave of healthcare ransomware attacks has included “triple […].

Major payment vendor data breach, North Korean threat raise ransomware concerns for hospitals

Healthcare Dive

A recently disclosed ransomware attack could have exposed patient data from more than 650 healthcare providers

Healthcare Industry Remains a Top Victim of Ransomware Attacks

Health IT Security

Ransomware attacks continue… read more

Healthcare Sector Warned About Cuba Ransomware Attacks

HIPAA Journal

The Cuba ransomware group has increased attacks in the United States, with attacks doubling since December 2021, and ransom payments are also on the rise. The post Healthcare Sector Warned About Cuba Ransomware Attacks appeared first on HIPAA Journal.

HPH Sector Warned About Lorenz Ransomware Group

HIPAA Journal

The healthcare and public health sector (HPH) has been warned about the threat of ransomware attacks by the Lorenz threat group, which has conducted several attacks in the United States over the past two years, with no sign that attacks are slowing.

HC3 Sounds Alarm About Venus Ransomware

HIPAA Journal

Venus ransomware, aka GOODGAME, is a relatively new threat, having first been identified in mid-August 2022; however, the ransomware has been used globally in attacks and there are now submissions of the ransomware variant every day.

Chaos Continues After Ransomware Hits UK’s NHS

Healthcare IT Today

The ransomware attack on Advanced, one of the UK’s biggest software providers for its National Healthcare System, is turning into one of the biggest cyberattacks ever to happen in healthcare. Over 20 days have passed since the health services’ cloud provider was attacked by ransomware.

CommonSpirit Health confirms it was hit by ransomware attack

Healthcare Dive

The health system is still grappling with the cyberattack more than a week after it first disclosed it was dealing with an unspecified “IT security incident.” ” The hospital chain said it is working to bring systems back online as quickly as possible

Karakurt Ransomware Group Targets Methodist McKinney Hospital in Cyberattack

Health IT Security

Karakurt ransomware group… read more

Many Healthcare Orgs Suffer IT Outages After Ransomware Attacks

Health IT Security

Ransomware attacks against… read more

Nonprofit Hospital Chain Confirms Ransomware Attack

Healthcare Compliance Blog

The second largest nonprofit hospital chain in the United States has confirmed that it has fallen victim to a ransomware attack. The HIPAA Security Rule requires implementation of security measures that can help prevent the introduction of malware, including ransomware.

Healthcare Organizations Warned About Royal Ransomware Attacks

HIPAA Journal

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) has issued a warning to the healthcare and public health (HPH) sector about Royal ransomware attacks. Royal ransomware is a new ransomware threat that was first observed being used in attacks in September 2022.

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Cost Nearly $21 Billion In 2020. Now What?

Healthcare IT Today

As the dust settles on 2020, it’s become clear that this was an unbelievably bad year for healthcare ransomware attacks. billion in ransomware expenses, according to a new estimate.

CommonSpirit Ransomware Attack Impacted Patient Data at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Health IT Security

Following a ransomware… read more

Eye Care Leaders Breach: Ransomware Attack Claims New Victims

Compliancy Group

Eye Care’s myCare Integrity solution was hacked via a ransomware attack on December 4, 2021. . During one week in mid-July alone, five eye care providers reported that patient data had been compromised by the ransomware attack.

Healthcare ransomware attacks up 328%

Becker's Health IT

Healthcare ransomware attacks jumped 328 percent in the second quarter of this year, despite a drop in the attacks globally, according to the 2022 midyear update of the "SonicWall Cyber Threat Report.". Cybersecurity

What Healthcare Leaders Need to Do Now About Ransomware

HIT Consultant

If ransomware is not a topic of conversation around any healthcare organization’s boardroom table, directors and senior executives may be exposing the organization (and themselves) to considerable risk. Ransomware trends in 2022. Mitigating ransomware risk.

COVID Brings Deadlier Edge To Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

Healthcare IT Today

Over the past several years, the number of ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations has continued to grow. Worse, these attacks are beginning to impose direct harm on patients.

5 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Avoid A Ransomware Attack

Electronic Health Reporter

Experts say the ransomware, called Ryuk, was seen […]. The article 5 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Avoid A Ransomware Attack appeared first on electronichealthreporter.com. Editorial avoiding a ransomware attack healthcare ransomware Ilia Sotnikov Netwrix

Zeppelin Ransomware

The HIPAA Blog

Zeppelin: Healthcare IT News reports that that the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) branch of the Department of Homeland Security have issued an advisory warning the healthcare industry in particular of the dangers of the newest ransomware variant, known as Zeppelin.

3-Step Ransomware Recovery Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

HIT Consultant

At some point, the chances are high that ransomware will pierce the defenses you have tried to put in place at your healthcare organization. When that occurs, your healthcare organization needs a ransomware recovery strategy, which enhances your typical backup and recovery processes.

After CommonSpirit ransomware attack: Why healthcare M&A is a ‘huge’ cybersecurity risk

Healthcare Dive

The cybersecurity incident comes three years after the health system’s megamerger, which potentially made it vulnerable to an attack, security experts say

Health System Ransomware Attack Lingers…

Health Care Performance

But the news reports provide a clear picture of the operational impact that occurs in response to a ransomware attack – IT systems and applications have to be taken down to contain the impact or spread of the attack.

CommonSpirit still working to restore EHR systems after ransomware attack confirmed

Healthcare It News

Relentless ransomware attacks plaguing all industries can have catastrophic effects when it happens to healthcare operations–barring access to millions of health records and disrupting patient care as well as overburdening already overburdened staff.

Ransomware forced Arizona hospital offline

Becker's Health IT

Regional Medical Center notified patients about a ransomware attack that forced the hospital offline and potentially exposed the protected health information of patients. Yuma (Ariz.) Cybersecurity

FBI Issues Warning About BlackCat Ransomware Operation

HIPAA Journal

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a TLP: WHITE flash alert about the BlackCat ransomware-a-s-a-service (RaaS) operation. The post FBI Issues Warning About BlackCat Ransomware Operation appeared first on HIPAA Journal.

877,500 Individuals Affected by Ransomware Attack on Prosthetics & Orthotics Provider

HIPAA Journal

The Rochester Hills, MI-based prosthetics, orthotics, and accessibility solution provider, Wright & Filippis, has recently announced that it was the victim of a ransomware attack on its network.

Ransomware Terrorism: Should We Be Worried?

Electronic Health Reporter

The threat of ransomware being used as a highly effective form of cyber terrorism has been receiving a lot of media attention lately. The story line stems from a recent Lloyds of London report that boldly states a large-scale ransomware attack could cost the global economy $193 billion and impact […]. The article Ransomware Terrorism: Should We Be Worried? Editorial BoldCloud NotPetya ransomeware ransomware terrorism ransomware-as-a-service WannaCry

A Ransomware Readiness Checklist: Ways to Amp Up Detection and Response Plans

HealthIT Answers

The post A Ransomware Readiness Checklist: Ways to Amp Up Detection and Response Plans appeared first on Health IT Answers. Health IT Security and Compliance CereCore Cybersecurity Awareness Month Jeff Bell Ransomware

Healthcare Ransomware Threat High Despite Slight Downturn in Attacks in Q3

HIPAA Journal

There was a slight downturn in ransomware attacks in Q3, although it is too early to tell if that downward trend will continue. In Q3, there were 568 publicly posted ransomware victims – a 2.2%


Interesting Insights into Healthcare Security and Ransomware

Healthcare IT Today

We’re a little late posting this, but at the HIMSS 2022 conference, I had a chance to learn and share some really great insights into healthcare security and ransomware from the team at Fortinet.

Why Human Error is Just as Risky As Ransomware for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare IT Today

Ransomware attacks continue to plague the healthcare industry. In all, cyberattacks on healthcare more than doubled last year, with ransomware making up 28% of those attacks. The following is a guest article by Tim Sadler, CEO of Tessian.

Running a Ransomware Simulation in Your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare IT Today

Turns out, he has a long history of working with VMWare products that goes back to 2015 when he first ran a ransomware simulation in his organization. As part of the recent VMWorld virtual event, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Chris Frenz, CISO at Interfaith Medical.

Texas hospital hit by ransomware attack

Becker's Health IT

Richmond, Texas-based OakBend Medical Center is notifying patients that it was the target of a ransomware attack on Sept. Cybersecurity

Increasing ransomware attacks are healthcare's new 'pandemic'

Becker's Health IT

Ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare industry have increased by 94 percent in the last year as patient data is used by hackers to commit fraud and identity theft, VentureBeat reported Sept. Cybersecurity

Ransomware Attack on Puerto Rico Hospital Affects Almost 1.2 Million Patients

HIPAA Journal

Databreaches.net investigated and identified an entry on the data leak site of a relatively unknown ransomware group called Project Relic, which has claimed responsibility for the attack. The post Ransomware Attack on Puerto Rico Hospital Affects Almost 1.2

Ransomware Attack Affects More than 600 Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Compliance Blog

A ransomware attack on a finance company has affected more than 600 healthcare organizations. On February 26, 2022, the company detected and stopped a sophisticated ransomware attack in which an unauthorized third party accessed and disabled some of their computer systems.

CommonSpirit Health Says EHRs Mostly Back Online Following Ransomware Attack

HIPAA Journal

CommonSpirit Health has recently provided an update on the progress that has been made in recovering from an October 2022 ransomware attack that affected many facilities across its network.

Four Healthcare Providers Hit with Ransomware Attacks

HIPAA Journal

Ransomware attacks have recently been reported by four healthcare providers across the country, which have collectively resulted in the exposure and potential theft of the protected health information of more than 49,000 individuals.

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Increased by 94% in 2021

HIPAA Journal

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations increased by 94% year over year, according to the 2022 State of Ransomware Report from cybersecurity firm Sophos. This year’s report focused on the rapidly evolving relationship between ransomware and cyber insurance in healthcare.

Oakbend Medical Center Suffers Ransomware Attack

HIPAA Journal

Over the Labor Day weekend, Oakbend Medical Center in Richmond, TX, suffered a ransomware attack. The post Oakbend Medical Center Suffers Ransomware Attack appeared first on HIPAA Journal. The attack started on Thursday, September 1, 2022, and saw files on its network encrypted.