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Should TikTok Doctors Owe Any Duty of Care Toward Their Followers?

Bill of Health

By Sarah Gabriele Doctors are now using social media platforms to spread medical knowledge and to interact with the communities that they are actively building. A recent survey showed that almost 1 in 5 Americans now turn to TikTok before their doctor for health advice.

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How virtual care connects members to the right doctor

Healthcare Dive

A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonprofit research organization, suggests members tend to choose healthcare systems in which their doctor is employed to avoid care interruptions.

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Bot MD powers data collection, enhances doctor experience in Indonesia

Healthcare It News

This integration enables more than 200,000 doctor members of the organisation to instantly search for association information, IDI services and national guidelines. Meanwhile, Bot MD also partnered with the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) to embed its AI assistant on the latter's website.

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Half of Doctors/Nurses Eager to Adopt Generative AI Tools

HIT Consultant

The report finds that almost half of all doctors and nurses are eager for physicians to utilize this innovative technology in the future to support their clinical decision-making, further affirming the need to drive a technological shift in healthcare. Interestingly, 45% similarly reported the need to tackle doctor shortages.

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The Compliance Doctor Will See You Now: Preparing for Your Joint Commission Survey

Speaker: Therese Gopaul-Robinson, MPH - Healthcare Consultant and Compliance Expert

Is your organization considering Joint Commission accreditation or certification, but unsure if you're eligible or if it's the right time? We have the perfect webinar for you!

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Does ChatGPT really outshine doctors? Or just on social media?

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

But other generative AI scholars are not so sure ChatGPT's empathy replaces the doctors' How do doctors approach answering questions on social media? " How do patients respond to the advice of doctors on social media? ChatGPT is already showing potential value for an array of healthcare use cases.

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'I am terrified': Doctors warn lawmakers of grim health impacts from Roe reversal

Healthcare Dive

Anti-abortion laws have had a chilling effect on patient care, resulting in providers — concerned about the potential for legal action — delaying or denying in some cases life-saving services, doctors told a House committee.

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