3 Tips For Creating A Website For Your Medical Practice

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From patient record management to abiding by regulatory medical guidelines, you have a long list of priorities to tend to. This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. Running a medical practice comes with a wide range of responsibilities. One of these priorities […]. The article 3 Tips For Creating A Website For Your Medical Practice appeared first on electronichealthreporter.com.

Sharecare acquires Visualize Health

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Sharecare will now be able to offer its customers medical record management and billing contract compliance tools.


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Novant Health Deploys Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi 6E Solution for Health Apps/Med Devices

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This allows them to ensure their network has the capacity to add new services based on world-class technologies, such as digital communication tools, telehealth, and safe and secure medical record management systems, without compromising network performance.

Who Should be your OSHA and HIPAA Officer?

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If you have an Office Manager or Administrator, they would be the right person for this job. If you don’t have these positions then choose someone who has skills in absorbing complex ideas, a good overview of your front desk, billing system and records management. Let’s be honest here; most Compliance Officers are chosen because they are the ones on the staff with the most time, and that’s usually the newest people.

How to Choose the Best Quality Management Solution (QMS) for Life Science Manufacturers

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There are many factors manufacturers have to take into consideration when evaluating a Quality Management Solution (QMS) to fit their growing business needs. Identifying the Quality Management Solution (QMS) for your needs. Quality Management Solutions (QMS) by industry.

Medisafe Launches Digital Document Exchange to Speed Up Medication Approvals

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By digitizing this feature, care teams and patients have a secure end-to-end channel to verify insurance records, manage re-verification processes, or enroll in copay programs without interruption to treatment.

ESO Acquires Occam Technologies, Leading Provider of Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) Solution

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Company provides bulletproof record matching, record mastering and patient identity automation. Occam EMPI will automate more than 95 percent of the patient record match for ESO customers, freeing time for EMS and hospital personnel to focus on proper care. “We’re

QMS 101: Quality Management System Guide

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What is Quality Management System (QMS)? How Do Quality Management Systems Help Businesses Increase Profitability? Quality Management System Examples 4. Quality Management System Development 7. What is Quality Management System (QMS)? Quality Management Obstacles.

Document Management Solutions for Regulatory Compliance


Document Management Solutions for Regulatory Compliance. Document Management Solutions for Regulatory Compliance. Many institutions rely on paper copies to manage their organization’s information, particularly regarding compliance issues. Wendy, an HR manager at the Urological Associates of Savannah (UAS), is one such professional. Here are some of the main issues that Wendy needed help managing as the patient list ? grew: Record-Keeping and Reporting.

Best HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption Services


Through cloud control, users can manage security options and access their message log and archive. Egress appoints a Technical Account Manager for mid-size (or larger) businesses that can help with specific security needs, like HIPAA compliance.