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The Impact of Agile In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Electronic Health Reporter

As many know, the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and specialized, with slow drug-development timelines, strict processes and quality requirements, and rigid silos. The article The Impact of Agile In The Pharmaceutical Industry appeared first on

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Pharmaceutical industry rips 'draconian' price negotiation provision

Fierce Healthcare

The Biden administration and federal regulators may be taking a victory lap following the unveiling of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS') price negotiations list, but major pl | Critics of President Joe Biden's policies to rein in prices for 10 Medicare Part D drugs believe the policy is "draconian" and will (..)


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The Gains and Pains of Using AI in the Pharmaceutical Industry

HIT Consultant

Michael Galarnyk, AI Evangelist at The costs for drug discovery and development are skyrocketing, but AI (artificial intelligence) is introducing new efficiencies to help find effective treatments faster. A study in 2020 concluded that the estimated median capitalized research and development cost per product was $985 million.

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Reasonable Pricing Clauses: A First Step Toward Ensuring Taxpayers a Fair Return on their Public R&D Investment

Bill of Health

Senator Sanders’ proposal within PAHPA was ultimately struck from the next iteration of the legislation due to concerns from the pharmaceutical industry and others that such a measure would chill innovation. Federal support by BARDA and the CDC have de-risked the development of medical products for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Eliquis, Jardiance, Xarelto headline CMS' price negotiation list

Fierce Healthcare

CMS released its highly anticipated list of 10 drugs subject to Medicare price negotiations Tuesday, which includes popular blood clot prevention drugs Eliquis and Xarelto and diabetes drugs Jardia | CMS released its highly anticipated list of 10 drugs subject to Medicare price negotiations Tuesday, a big first step in pushing back against the pharmaceutical (..)

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Roundup: Sun Pharma reports IT breach and more briefs

Healthcare It News

Sun Pharma probes cyber breach Indian pharma giant Sun Pharmaceutical Industries has reported an "information security incident," according to PTI. The news report noted that the company has already reported the incident to the authorities and has since isolated its affected IT assets.

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Workforce training platform Transform launches to the pharmaceuticals industry

Mobi Health News

The platform provides solutions in energy health and safety training and now brings its training expertise to the pharmaceuticals sector.