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Governing Health Data for Research, Development, and Innovation: The Missteps of the European Health Data Space Proposal

Bill of Health

By Enrique Santamaría Together with the Data Governance Act (DGA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the proposal for a Regulation on the European Health Data Space (EHDS) will most likely form the new regulatory and governance framework for the use of health data in the European Union. Rethink and amend Art.

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Centene Corporation Signs Definitive Agreement to Divest Apixio to New Mountain Capital

Healthcare IT Today

Centene Corporation announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell Apixio , a leading artificial intelligence platform that enables value-based care, to New Mountain Capital , a growth-oriented investment firm with more than $37 billion in assets under management. Centene acquired Apixio in December 2020.

Medicare 102

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Eight Opportunities to Use the Law to Address Social Determinants of Health

Bill of Health

HUD can amend 24 CFR §982.553 to narrow public housing exclusions linked to drug use to situations in which a person’s use of illegal drugs is causing observable harm to the premises or the community, and tighten key definitions to better guide local public housing agencies. Local governments can provide temporary guaranteed income programs.

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Interview: Caroline Cook, Privacy Consultant, GDH Government Consulting Services

HIPAA Journal

Caroline Cook, Privacy Consultant, GDH Government Consulting Services, has shared her thoughts. I’m a Privacy Consultant employed by GDH Government Consulting Services. I definitely learned on the job. HIPAA, specifically the Privacy Rule, has very little definitive provisions. What is your current position?

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HIPAA: Why It Matters to Your Practice

The large majority of practices are likely trying to protect patients’ information, but they may not be doing all that they need to meet government requirements. Not complying with HIPAA has definite drawbacks, with one major one being massive fines. The government can fine up to 1.5

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Interoperability Regulations and the Effects on Health Information Management

MRO Compliance

Key takeaways from my article include: Definitions and data sharing parameters for substance abuse must be revamped. Definitions of key terms within the two rules don’t match. There is no definition of “reproductive health data” included in most of the rules and laws we’re seeing pass.

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Healthcare should broaden efforts to scale genAI, say IT leaders

Healthcare It News

Their study of those presently working to develop and implement natural language processing, machine learning and other AI-driven technologies into their health systems concluded that: Effective governance is lost among other data priorities. GenAI governance is key to building both consumer and employee trust, the Deloitte researchers said.