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Countercyclical Aid Is Not Enough to Fix the Broken US Approach to Public Health Financing

Bill of Health

Reversing the trend of policy drift at the state and local level will require — at minimum — mandatory programs to support state and local health departments’ infrastructure needs and full student loan repayment for public health professionals.

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Could Amtrak’s Quiet Car Be a Model for COVID-19 Travel Policies?

Bill of Health

In light of the growing body of research, combined with the looming tripledemic (COVID-19, flu, and RSV), various public health professionals are already calling for reinstating mask mandates , a step which clearly would do the most to protect public health.

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Coronavirus is Deregulating Healthcare One FDA Guidance At a Time

VW Health Care Law Blog

COVID-19 has created a demand for digital health technologies to provide relief for public health professionals and individuals alike. This is not to say that digital technologies … Continue reading Coronavirus is Deregulating Healthcare One FDA Guidance At a Time.

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Remote patient monitoring can help address the maternal mortality crisis

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

" Ayalasomayajula, a public health professional with a background in epidemiology, is the president and founder of Reach, whose mission is to improve health experiences for both patients and providers. "I'm glad that now, after ten years, we have new data. Meanwhile, today somewhere 900 women are dying.

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Failures of Imagination in Public Health Policy

Bill of Health

Teaching political action and advocacy Some of our leaders have started to argue that every public health professional ought to understand the country’s political decision making processes and how to be an advocate within them. Don’t we have a moral responsibility to our progeny for the world we have passed on?

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Doctor Burnout Levels Increasing as a Result of the Pandemic

American Medical Compliance

In a release, Murthy stated that “the health of the country depends on the wellbeing of our health workforce.” ” More than half of public health professionals reported experiencing signs of at least one mental health disorder, according to the surgeon general’s guideline.

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What’s The Role of Digital Health in Public Health?

HIT Consultant

But the unfortunate product of a society with modest levels of commitment to the social contract and a jaundiced opinion of massive government budgets is underfunding and mistrust of public health. Even so, public health professionals endure because they know they must.