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The Inflation Reduction Act: The Impact of Medicare Negotiation of Prescription Drug Prices on Hospitals and Health Systems

Electronic Health Reporter

The article The Inflation Reduction Act: The Impact of Medicare Negotiation of Prescription Drug Prices on Hospitals and Health Systems appeared first on In August, H.R. 5376, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), was passed via partisan votes by both chambers of Congress and […].

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Biden’s proposed HHS budget aims to make pandemic-era subsidies permanent

Healthcare Dive

Released Thursday, the budget also proposes to extend Medicare solvency and give the federal government more power to negotiate prescription drug prices.


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Senate Dems reach draft deal to extend ACA premiums, lower drug costs

Healthcare Dive

The bill, part of a more than $300 billion package, extends enhanced ACA premiums and allows Medicare to negotiate select prescription drug prices starting in 2026.

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Comments to CMS Guidance on the Medicare Prescription Drug Inflation Rebate Program Due March 11, 2023

Health Law Advisor

To advance these efforts, CMS established a Medicare Drug Rebate and Negotiations Group dedicated to the IRA and set forth the agency’s intended overarching timeline to implement the various IRA provisions, such as the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program and the Part D redesign.

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Monthly Round-Up of What to Read on Pharma Law and Policy

Bill of Health

County-level variation in cardioprotective antihyperglycemic prescribing among medicare beneficiaries. Reforming Patient Cost Sharing for Cancer Medications in Medicare Part D. New Reforms to Prescription Drug Pricing in the US: Opportunities and Challenges. Am J Prev Cardiol. 2022 Aug 2;11:100370. Lancet Oncol.

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A Health Consumer Bill of Rights: Assuring Affordability, Access, Autonomy, and Equity

Jane Sarashon

In addition to highlighting the Patient’s Bill of Rights, NABIP’s keynotes and general sessions will speak to similar topics being brainstormed at VIVE this week — including mental health, maternal health, pharmacy and prescription drugs (pricing, PBMs), population health, and Medicare and Medicaid innovations.

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Magnolia Regional used price transparency IT to get more CHF patients to fill their prescriptions

Healthcare It News

"With prescription drug prices rising at every turn, patients need price transparency and the ability to discuss options with their doctors during office visits," Davis advised. ADVICE FOR OTHERS.