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5 largest medical data breaches since 2009

Becker's Health IT

The healthcare industry has been a favorite target of hackers, with nearly 5,000 data breaches affecting more than 342 million medical records since 2009, according to an Aug. 24 analysis by researcher Comparitech.

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False Claims Act Retaliation Decision Calls into Question the Heightened Burden for Employees Whose Duties Include Compliance and Fraud Investigation

Hall Render

Since 2009, the FCA’s anti-retaliation provision,(codified at 31 U.S.C. Prior to 2009, the FCA’s anti-retaliation provision more simply prohibited retaliation against an employee for conduct that was “in furtherance of an action under this section.” This category of individuals is sometimes called a “fraud alert employee.”

Fraud 72

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Monthly Round-Up of What to Read on Pharma Law and Policy 

Bill of Health

Dose modification rules and availability of growth factor support: A cross-sectional study of head-to-head cancer trials used for US FDA approval from 2009 to 2021. Olivier T, Haslam A, Prasad V. Eur J Cancer. 2022 Sep;172:349-356. Epub ahead of print. Walia A, Haslam A, Prasad V. FDA validation of surrogate endpoints in oncology: 2005-2022.

FDA 241
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What did the HIPAA Omnibus Rule Mandate?

HIPAA Journal

Although effective in March 2013 , some of the changes were already in force due to Interim Rules having been issued following the passage of the HITECH Act in 2009. The penalties have since further increased. The finalization of the Breach Notification Rule and the revised “harm” threshold.

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Reader Offer: Free Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA Journal

Covered Entities like medical practices and Business Associates like IT providers are required conduct a HIPAA risk assessment by the 2003 HIPAA Security Rule (45 CFR § 164.308 – Security Management Process) and HITECH Act 2009. The post Reader Offer: Free Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment appeared first on HIPAA Journal.

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3 Key Benefits of eConsults: A Doctor’s Perspective

Electronic Health Reporter

In 2009, a short ten years ago, there were an estimated 209,000 PCPs providing services […]. As primary care providers (PCPs), we’re increasingly trying to manage total patient care for more patients and facing worsening challenges in ensuring our patients can access the care they need.

Doctors 138
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Maryland Passes Legislation for HIE to Operate as State Health Data Utility

HIT Consultant

While many states have yet to even implement a HIE, Maryland has been operating one since 2009, and now leads the country in further evolving HIEs to be even more robust and secure to improve clinical care coordination and public health projects (PHP). will be able to operate more effectively. will be able to operate more effectively.