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What is CPT Code 90791 ? When & How To Use It

Medisys Compliance

The only significant distinction between the two numbers is that code 90792 covers medical services like filling a prescription. This makes code 90792 only available to psychiatrists and other qualified medical personnel. Can I use my license to bill CPT code 90791? Is pre-authorization required for CPT code 90791?

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Texas Physician Assistant Arrested for Unlawfully Practicing Medicine

Med-Net Compliance

A 49-year-old Texas physician assistant was arrested and charged for his role in a scheme to defraud Medicaid by working with a suspended medical license. On July 20, 2021, the Texas Medical Board allegedly ordered the immediate suspension of his physician assistant license, deeming him to be a “continuing threat to public welfare.”


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No-code Software One of Many Considerations in the Evolving World of Digital Healthcare

Healthcare IT Today

CAHC temporarily deploys licensed and trained medical personnel to provide support during major disasters and medical events. Savarese commented on FormAssembly’s quick and seamless implementations. As an example, he spoke about FormAssembly’s work with the California Health Corps (CAHC).

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Medical Malpractice Reforms

Florida Health Care Law Firm

Get Help Fighting a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. If you would like to learn more about what a medical malpractice defense could look like in your case or get advice on how to proceed in addressing a malpractice claim made against you or your clinic, contact us at Florida Healthcare Law Firm to set up a consultation today.

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Alabama Doctor and 3 Nurse Practitioners Charged With Running Fraudulent Pill Mill

Pharmacy Law Blog

Prosecutors alleged the medical personnel diagnosed patients at the Alabama practice with “vague, unsubstantiated medical conditions,” and prescribed controlled substances in 30-day quantities.

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Health Provider News – January 7, 2022

Hall Render

HHS: Protections against surprise medical bills implemented at dawn of new year. More Military Medical Personnel Are Assisting Hospitals With Covid-19 Treatment As Staff Shortages Mount. No Surprises Act” takes effect in 2022, limiting unexpected medical bills. More than 600 new nursing licenses issued in New Hampshire.

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Mifepristone Manufacturer Wins First Round in West Virginia

Drug & Device Law

at *1, by threatening to revoke the license, and jail for at least three years, any West Virginia physician so bold as to prescribe the plaintiff’s FDA-approved drug for its FDA-approved use. The state and its prosecutors had certainly not “disavowed enforcement.”

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