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Nearly half of consumers are in debt due to medical bills, survey finds

Healthcare Dive

Many are struggling to afford their private health insurance and are unprepared for a medical emergency, a poll conducted for telehealth provider Babylon showed.

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What Is Medical Billing Compliance?

Compliancy Group

One of the most common ways for providers and healthcare organizations to run afoul is to incorrectly or illegally bill and code for services or supplies. No matter the intent, noncompliance in medical billing can have severe consequences. It pays to know the law and avoid temptations to cut corners.


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63% of Consumers Perceived Medical Billing as Challenging

HIT Consultant

Additionally, the study highlighted key themes related to health management, healthcare costs, medical privacy, and billing disputes. Overwhelmed (30%): The Overwhelmed segment expressed significant stress and anxiety when managing healthcare and medical bills.

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CrowdHealth Secures $6M for Community-Powered Alternative to Health Insurance

HIT Consultant

CrowdHealth plans to reinvest that funding back into the company—growing the CrowdHealth community and providing more tools for members that want to take charge of their healthcare and affordably break free from health insurance. Why It Matters.

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Americans Come Together in Worries About Medical Bills, the Cost of Health Care, and Prescription Drug Costs

Health Populi

health citizens are worried about unexpected medical bills (net 74%), the cost of health care services (net 74%), their prescription drug costs (net 55%) and their monthly health insurance premium (net 48%), shown in the second bar chart. economy is “not so good” or “poor.”

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Enhancing Podiatry Billing with Podiatry Medical Billing Company

Medisys Compliance

Introduction Efficient medical billing is a critical aspect of managing a successful podiatry practice. Podiatrists, specializing in foot and ankle health, often face unique challenges in navigating the complex landscape of medical billing. This can reduce stress and burnout.

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Mary Lou Retton’s Explanation of Health Insurance Takes Some Somersaults

Kaiser Health News

Still, “we know from surveys and other data that, even 10 years on, a lot of people are unaware there are premium subsidies available through ACA marketplaces,” said Sabrina Corlette , co-director of the Center on Health Insurance Reform at Georgetown University. 1 and runs until Jan. 16 in most states.