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Geisinger's telemedicine program shoots from 20 specialties to more than 70

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Geisinger had been using telehealth prior to the pandemic to create better access to care for patients. However, COVID-19 surges accelerated widespread telehealth adoption, as many couldn't leave their homes or were not comfortable coming to a doctor's office. " David Fletcher, Geisinger. MARKETPLACE.

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Ambulatory surgery center's virtual care platform helps boost productivity and patient satisfaction

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"Patients also can message their care teams through the platform to confirm information or clarify a postoperative symptom they're experiencing." There are many vendors of telemedicine technology and services on the health IT market today. On another front, there is patient-reported outcomes data.


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The Future of Telemedicine Transformed by Large Language Models

Healthcare IT Today

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves across various industries, and telehealth/telemedicine is no exception. Telemedicine has gained traction in recent years providing healthcare services remotely, allowing patients to receive quality care without being physically present at a healthcare facility.

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Telemedicine eases work-life balance for solo practitioner, adds revenue stream

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

” "Practicing telehealth is a great way to build and maintain strong patient relationships, increase provider satisfaction with their career and add a new revenue stream." Seeking a way to achieve a better work life-balance, Jensen decided to explore practicing telemedicine. ” MARKETPLACE.

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Telehealth Bolsters Patient Satisfaction (J.D. Power), and Providers Are Working to Catch Up (BDO)

Health Populi

Another 2 in 5 say they are leveraging the full capabilities of virtual care along the patient journey, as well as ensure security, privacy and compliance in their communication channels. The post Telehealth Bolsters Patient Satisfaction (J.D.

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Doctor on Demand CEO: Utilization, patient satisfaction keys to success in crowded telemedicine market

Mobi Health News

Telemedicine options for employers in the United States are approaching ubiquity — a National Business Group on Health survey last year found that 96 percent of employers planned to offer telemedicine services to employees this year.

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Telemedicine: What Slows Down the Healthcare of the Future

HIT Consultant

This article explores the challenges of telemedicine and examines solutions to resolve current issues. Main Obstacles the Telemedicine is Facing Today. Not only did the pandemic accelerate the implementation of telemedicine, but remote health services became a necessity. On the legal side, telemedicine faces two main drawbacks.