Sun.Dec 04, 2022

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Bonus Features – December 4, 2022 – 34% of Americans take anti-anxiety meds during the holidays, hospital margins at -2% but show signs of hope, and more

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Welcome to the weekly edition of Healthcare IT Today Bonus Features. This article will be a weekly roundup of interesting stories, product announcements, new hires, partnerships, research studies, awards, sales, and more.

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3 Tips for HIPAA Website Compliance in 2023


They say you never know until it hits you. Whoever “they” are, they’ve got a point – especially if the “it” is a hacker’s punishing left hook, aimed at disabling your website and stealing your sensitive data.

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Automated Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy

HealthIT Answers

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Jennifer Lim, MD, Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Illinois Chicago. Dr. Lim talks about mobile screening units and elaborates on the cutting-edge technology that’s helping detect diabetic retinopathy as early as possible.