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NEC expands digital elderly care system trial to Chiang Mai

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WHAT IT'S ABOUT The municipality of Chiang Mai and NEC Thailand recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of smart city solutions, including smart hospital technologies to support its provision of elderly care.

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Tort Liability is a Potentially Powerful Tool for Pandemic Response

Bill of Health

When pandemic response efforts are hampered by inadequate enforcement resources and political polarization, tort liability could, potentially, be a powerful public health tool. public health infrastructure has historically relied heavily on state and local authorities. Neither the U.S. Neither the U.S.

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NYC elder care provider using FCC funds for telehealth, protecting seniors from COVID-19

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” Because residents will have the opportunity to receive primary care services in a safer environment through telehealth, Parker will contribute to public health goals of reducing the spread of COVID-19 while reducing excess burden on the hospital systems throughout New York City that may be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

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The Council of Europe’s Artificial Intelligence Convention: Implications for Health and Patients

Bill of Health

This means it covers applications like ChatGPT-assisted diagnosis , AI-based fall detection in elderly care facilities, AI-assisted surgery , and menstruation cycle trackers. Moreover, the AI Convention applies to the entire lifecycle of AI: the design, development, and application of AI systems.

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Telehealth and RPM – 2023 Health IT Predictions

Healthcare IT Today

An end to the Public Health Emergency (PHE) is likely to be announced and end mid-January followed by a grace period of approximately 5 months. And with the Public Health Emergency (PHE) set to expire in January, stakeholders are urgently calling upon Congress to pass the Advancing Telehealth Beyond COVID-19 Act of 2021.

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Older People Are Digital Migrants, and Best Buy Health Is Paving the Road for the Journey

Health Populi

Access to doctors and nurses through Urgent Care on the phone. ” The article quotes industry analyst Seth Basham of Wedbush who noted, “With more people staying at home, Best Buy Health’s tech-based elderly-care offerings likely have seen a boost from the pandemic.”

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Health Provider News – July 1, 2022

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How hospitals should prepare for the end of the public health emergency. North Alabama doctor’s medical license suspended after investigation into overdose death. Insurance company Cigna, Ascension Health Alabama struggle to reach contract renewal. UC Davis Health gets $1.7M Wade patient privacy.