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2 DOJ Cyber Fraud Initiative Cases Net Almost $10 Million

Compliancy Group

A pair of government contractors recently agreed to settlements of alleged violations of the False Claims Act (FCA) for nearly $10 million as part of the U.S. It also signals that the government seeks to continue enforcing the FCA by focusing on data privacy and cybersecurity violations. Compliancy Group can help! Learn More! ×

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Modernizing Data Access: 3 Tips for Securing Patient Data in the Cloud

HIT Consultant

This creates an ideal environment for cyber criminals to hack into electronic medical records (EMR) and access sensitive data such as names, birth dates, and social security numbers. DataSecOps, or Data Security Operations, provides a single, integrated platform to streamline and automate data access, security, and compliance.


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Not All QHINs Will Be Created Equal

Healthcare IT Today

By selecting a national HIE (and potential future QHIN) today that is structured and governed in a way that provides flexibility, state and regional exchanges can access the benefits of broad exchange. We currently support more than 30 different electronic medical record technologies. .

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Hackers Target Third-Party Vendors in the Healthcare Industry


They use electronic medical records and similar healthcare technologies to steal as much sensitive data as they can for ransom. In response to these increased attacks, government agencies have recommended that organizations devise detailed defensive strategies to protect themselves.

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Stony Brook Medicine crafts a telehealth strategic plan that bears fruit

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

What platform could integrate with our electronic medical record and scheduling systems? "This support also included creating a more robust governance structure and the start of a comprehensive strategic plan for the expansion of telehealth services." Compliance and credentialing.

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Tick-Tock – Time for Healthcare Employers to Review Their Internet and Social Media Use Policies!

Healthcare Law Blog

Electronic medical record software and social media offer wide-ranging ways for health care providers to connect with their patients and the public. The policy should remind employees that rules governing appropriate conduct in the workplace (e.g., Health Care Providers Benefit from Internet and Social Media Presence.

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Part 3: Audit Documentation to Avoid Potential Appeal Consequences


Audit Coding, Billing and Documentation for Accuracy Insurance carriers and government contractors have the authority to review any claims at any time. Providers may take documentation “short cuts” or feel overwhelmed with implementation of a new EMR (electronic medical record) system and clone or make documentation errors.

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