Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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The Key to a Competitive Edge in Life Sciences: The Network

HIT Consultant

Matt Roberts, Healthcare Practice Leader at Juniper Networks The life sciences industry sits at the cross-section of virtually all the technological advancements driving today’s economy. Not only is it steeped in cutting-edge chem-bio research and development, it relies heavily on advanced computing infrastructure to support massive data analytics and modeling.

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Startup Bold nabs $17M to scale up 'movement-as-medicine' program for older adults

Fierce Healthcare

Some 17% of people living in the United States, or more than 1 in 6, were 65 or older in 2020. By 2040, there will be about 80.8 million people 65 and older in the country, making up about 22% of t | The capital will be used to support Bold’s continued expansion with national and regional Medicare plans and provider groups and accelerate the growth of its clinical exercise offerings to support the diverse physical and mental health needs of older adults.

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Slip Slidin’ Away: the Reputations of Pharma and Healthcare in the U.S. Decline in the Latest Gallup Poll

Health Populi

Oh, how quickly people forget…and slow to forgive. U.S. consumers’ positive views for healthcare, pharma and retail have significantly fallen in just one year, the latest annual Gallup poll of industry rankings in America found as of August 2023. This stat for the pharma industry was the lowest Gallup ever recorded for the sector since 2001.

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Bonus Features – September 17, 2023 – 20% of healthcare marketers worried about job security amid AI adoption, 53% of executives using AI to address drug diversion “very confident” in their efforts, and more

Healthcare IT Today

Welcome to the weekly edition of Healthcare IT Today Bonus Features. This article will be a weekly roundup of interesting stories, product announcements, new hires, partnerships, research studies, awards, sales, and more. Because there’s so much happening out there in healthcare IT we aren’t able to cover in our full articles, we still want to make sure you’re informed of all the latest news, announcements, and stories happening to help you better do your job.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About FACIS, but Didn’t Know to Ask

Speaker: Amy Anderson

FACIS® helps organizations mitigate patient and organizational risk. Maintaining compliance and safeguarding against fraud and abuse in today’s changing healthcare landscape can be challenging. Most healthcare organizations screen and monitor providers against the OIG but that’s only ONE of FACIS®’ primary sources. FACIS® pulls data for every taxonomy from the lowest level employee to the highest level licensed professional.

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Burnout, Brilliance, and the Road Ahead

HealthIT Answers

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest John Fryer Chief Revenue Officer Lumeris. John discusses his journey in healthcare, starting with his entry into the finance world before being influenced by innovator Neil Patterson to focus on healthcare and ended up joining and cutting his teeth at Cerner Corporation with health systems and technology, and the emergence of value-based care.

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Trust, Identity, and the Internet

HealthIT Answers

By Scott Stuewe - Trust can’t be legislated or manufactured. Trust is earned by demonstrating ongoing reliability. Trust isn’t taken on faith, and it can be lost in a moment when foundational conditions change. Facebook is less trusted now than it was before Cambridge Analytica. The post Trust, Identity, and the Internet appeared first on Health IT Answers.